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1000V Combiner Box

ConnectPV 1000V Combiner Box products are based on a core product architecture optimized for DG and utility scale solar projects, simplifying project design and specification.

Options and accessories allow Project Engineers to configure the Combiner Boxes for each project’s unique requirements – reducing labor costs and maximizing system performance.

ConnectPV 1000V Combiner Boxes incorporate “best-in-class” components combined with rugged mechanical designs to maximize reliability over the projected life of the project.

Compatible with grounded systems – negatively or positively grounded with fuses on the ungrounded string input conductors, or ungrounded systems with fuses on both string input conductors.

Standard Product Features

600VDC and 1000VDC

• 100A, 200A, 250A, 320A, and 400A Certified Manual Disconnects

  – Standard Disconnects sized at 1.25x Sum(Isc) per UL1741

• Lock-Out/Tag-Out on Disconnect Handle

• 8-36 Fused Inputs, #14-#4 AWG Wire Range

• Individually Removable/Serviceable Touch Safe Fuse-holders

• 15A Fuse Typical, 30A Maximum – user specified

• M12 Studs provided for single or double hole lugs

• Accommodate 90C Cu/Al Mechanical or Compression Lugs

• Internal Safety Cover over all live components

• NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X Enclosures

• Padlock Latch for Door and NEMA 4 Condensate Drain

• Unique Serial number per unit

• Labeling to meet NEC Requirements

• 5 Year Warranty Standard

Product Options

• Upsized Disconnects at 1.56x Sum(Isc) for OCPD coordination

• Class 2 40kA Surge Protective Device – 1000V or 600V

• Blown Fuse Indication Fuse Holders

• Mechanical Lugs Installed or Compression Lugs Included

• Breather Vents for High Humidity Locations

• H4 or MC4 Bulkhead or Whip Connectors Installed

• Conduit Adapters or Cable Glands for Output Conductors

• Upsized Enclosures for Larger Output Wires

• Unistrut Mounting Brackets Installed

• Extended Warranty

Additional Options, Accessories, and Prefabrication Available – Please contact ConnectPV with your requirements.