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About ConnectPV

Even if you don’t believe “global warming” is real or that human activity is a major contributor to climate change, it is still possible to understand that burning hydrocarbons (natural gas, petroleum, coal, etc.) to produce electricity is simply not a good long term plan – these activities create pollution and damage the environment.

Transforming the energy sector away from polluting sources of power is a monumental challenge but critical to our being good stewards of this planet. Developing renewable sources of energy is one way to assist in that transition and will involve many types of electrical generation technologies.

Solar PV is just one of many options…and it is a technically and financially viable part of the overall solution.

We believe that ConnectPV has an opportunity and a responsibility to help the solar photovoltaic industry improve performance and reduce costs for solar projects. Working with our customers, we develop innovative, reliable, and cost effective products that connect the high-tech components of the modern day solar PV plant, i.e., the solar panels, inverters, energy storage solutions, and control systems.

In addition, we help our customers meet the requirements of the National Electric Code as it evolves to better support the distributed generation technologies.

ConnectPV is based in San Diego, CA and is a partnership with L&T Precision. The team at ConnectPV bring over 40 years of experience in the Power and Renewable Energy industries while L&T Precision brings over 30 years of metal fabrication/machining and manufacturing expertise to the benefit of our customers. L&T serves as the Operations arm of ConnectPV and they are ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 certified. We focus on LEAN manufacturing techniques to reduce costs and maximize consistency and quality.

Our mission is to deliver products that make designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining the Solar PV systems and projects simpler; reducing risk and maximizing long term performance.