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1500V High Capacity Input Disconnect Combiners

ConnectPV High Capacity Input (HCI) Disconnect Combiners are based on the same high quality product architecture as the standard 1500V Disconnect Combiners with the integration of larger 35A-60A input fuses in touch safe fuse holders.

These higher capacity combiner inputs support more strings per fuse, enabling a single combiner input per tracker, reducing home run wires to the combiners to 2 wires per tracker.

Referencing Image 1 below – a typical single-axis tracker application uses ConnectPV’s UL9703 Certified 1500V 3-string Overmolded Wire Harnesseses (Crystalline Modules), 1 per SAT, coupled with a single pair of 8 AWG (10mm2) Home Runs to a 50A fuse in the combiner – (8) harnesses, (8) home run pairs, and (1) 400A combiner per subarray (some modules may allow up to 9x 50A inputs per 400A combiner).

Standard Product Features

ETL Certified to IEC & UL 62109-1

• 250A, 320A, 400A, and 600A Manual Disconnects

• Lock-Out/Tag-Out on Disconnect Handle

• 4-16 Inputs, #8-#4AWG (10mm2 – 25mm2) Wire Range

• 35A, 40A, 45A, 50A, 55A, 60A Fuses Available

• Tin Plated C11000 Copper Busbar

• Non-Fused Inputs land on the DC Common Terminal

• 1/2″ or M12 Studs provided for double hole output lugs

• Internal Dead Front Cover over all live components

• Class 2, Type 2, 40kA Surge Protective Device

• Fiberglass and Steel Enclosures

• NEMA 4 or 4X (IP65/66(1m/1h)) Rated

• Unistrut Mounting Brackets installed

• Padlock Latch for Door

• Unique Serial number per unit

• Labeling to meet IEC/UL 62109-1 Requirements

• 5 Year Warranty

Product Options

• MC4, Evo2, or H4 connector Whips

• Breather Vents for High Humidity Locations

• Internal or External Voltage Test Points

• Upsized Enclosures for Larger Output Wires

• Extended Warranty

Additional Options, Accessories, and Prefabrication Available – Please contact ConnectPV with your requirements.

1500V-High-Capacity-Input-Disconnect-Combiners-Rev-2.0-09-05-19.pdf (863 downloads)