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Factory produced wire solutions improve consistency and quality, reduce field labor and waste, resulting in a lower total installed cost for your project.

ConnectPV produces a wide variety of wire harness and string wire solutions for the Solar PV industry. From standard wire harness components (X’s, T’s, Y’s) to custom wire harnesses, string wires, direct burial cable, and combiner whips – we provide an end to end source circuit wiring solution.

We provide solutions compatible with Fixed Racking or Tracker based arrays for thin-film and mono/poly crystalline modules. Harnesses can be modular, with connectorized sections, or can be continuous assemblies.

Our Engineers work with your site plans to determine lengths and overall system design. Drawings are produced for customer review and approval prior to production.

Standard Product Features

  • 1000V and 1500V applications served using 2000V UL4703 certified PV Wire – #12 AWG to 600KCMIL – Direct Burial rated and Sunlight Resistant
  • Overmolded X’s, T’s, Y’s and Inline Fuses are UL9703 compliant @ <10µA leakage current
  • Inline Fuses are UL2579 Certified
  • Inline Fuse Overmolds are UL9703 compliant
  • Connectors are UL6703 Certified
  • Ultrasonically welded wire junctions to minimize impedance
  • Labelling to meet NEC Requirements
  • 100% Hipot and Continuity Tested
  • 5 Year Warranty Standard
  • Shipped on reels, in boxes or in gaylords

Product Options

  • Wire available in several colors; black, white, red are typical
  • Connectors – #12AWG – #8AWG – Multicontact, Amphenol, Canadian Solar, and Jinko
  • Fuses – 2A to 30A inline barrel crimped – Littelfuse, Bussman, and Mersen
  • Trunk Bus compatible designs available
  • First Solar compliant (<5µA leakage) designs available
  • UL9703 Certified or Compliant products available — “Certified” products are individually serialized and labelled – “Compliant” products are date coded and labelled
  • Wire Harness & String Wire Solutions
  • Example of a Thin Film 1500V 12-String Continuous Wire Harness Assembly
  • Certified
  • Manufacturing
  • Wire Harness Examples
  • Thin Film 1500V 6-String Modular Paralleling Kit
  • 1500V 15A ILF Kit – with matching connectors

Projects often require custom and semi-custom wire harness solutions. We developed and certified a configurable product line to fit your project specifications. These are drawings of severak differnet types of standard components and custom harnesses.


Based in San Diego, CA, ConnectPV Inc. delivers expertise and experience. We bring over 10 years of Solar PV industry experience in electrical Balance of System products coupled with more than 25 years of high quality, ISO9001:2008 certified, manufacturing expertise. We actively work with our customers to deliver innovative, high quality, and cost effective solutions.

Thin Film 1500V 4/8-String Modular Paralleling Kit Polycrystalline 1000V Modular Paralleling Kit